ugh my mac is being annoying in multiple ways

in many ways the newer version is better than 2007’s version

but in some ways it makes me just want to spam apple with pouty faces because I literally use this computer for very basic things and should never be bothered 

oh I'm so sorry you were CALLED MEAN NAMES!!1! that is of course EXACTLY LIKE RAPE as we all know


you’re misunderstanding the metaphor

here’s a thought: rape shouldn’t be used as a metaphor for other experiences



Shit I’m not creative enough to make up or a series of unrelated events or every time someone tries to tell me it’s not about race.

#poverty creates robbery #nothing forces rapists to rape

it’s truly sad too many ppl don’t get this. absolutely nothing forces anyone to r*pe. poverty and the need to survive creates a need to steal, which has existed well before antiblackness, might i add. this whole poem was great so i’m reblogging again lol, thanks for adding my tags. 

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blah steve why are you up and putting things in the oven when the only things i can eat require an oven and I don’t feel like going to tim hortons

i am not sure he ever sleeps sometimes o_o

re-reading black beauty. it’s so simple but so good, and so powerful for how it helped initiate changes in an industry!

constantly reading books like this tho it’s no wonder I was animal-rights gung-ho for a while

not that I’m NOT pro-animal rights now but it has to be weighed against what people are asked to give up. Not abusing horses: easy to give up. Food your family depends on just because fish feel pain: hopefully we can provide a lot of realistic alternatives but, humans > fish



Apparently this has been around for a few weeks but I only just saw it come on tv when I was at the gym and could not believe this was a real commercial?? except it is

it’s the most misogynistic commercial I’ve seen in a long time. To be fair, I only watch tv for Castle, so I probably get specific ads. But still!

 It’s his wife or girlfriend and he flips a total shit over using her vag-product (which they’re trying to… sell?? by making it seem like cooties??). Like apparently vaginas are so girly — even though this is a product used for his own lover?? — that he has to dash about the homeplace doing the most masculine tasks he can handle. Karate chop some wood!! Eat raw eggs!!! Ruin your dental fillings by pulling a car with your teeth!!!

It ends with the girlfriend or wife saying “that was close” and maybe we’re supposed to identify with her like "l o l men, always thinking we have cooties" as if we’re all going to have a good eye-roll together over this

but omg why would you ever sell a product this way it grosses me out. As if people aren’t weird enough about vaginas and all that already, you have to showcase a man getting weirded out by dressed-up soap 

like if you want to stick to gender roles, go ahead, but don’t reinforce in a national ad campaign that not only should men be afraid of the feminine, but that we should expect them to react negatively to it (for the sake of selling a largely unnecessary product that can actually cause potentially dangerous infections in many women…..)

and like obviously I wouldn’t expect an outdated company to make the connection that this concept of body parts corresponding to “femininity” or “masculinity” isn’t really in keeping with how many people understand their body parts, but there’s that too

As a man I’m more offended at the mysoginist portrayal of a manly man. Did you completely miss that part?

I’m not sure what you mean or how I didn’t address it since the expected performance of men is mentioned a few times in different ways

always have such high hopes for days i don’t go to the gym after work and then i just end up on tumblr or something

"i mean i tried to stalk your photos but is there a pic of her i can peruse"

Why are Corporations Using as an Ad Placement?


feministdisney:, why are you emailing me about a petition started by T-Mobile that is really obviously part of their current promotional stunt? IDK like have a couple standards or something

I realize that is pretty open in what gets posted there but there has to be some standard because that really shouldn’t be a vehicle for giant corporations to promote themselves in a space that’s supposed to be for social change etc. they’re not really really petitioning nobly to “give back your money,” they’re just looking for a way to gain a larger market share so they can take more.

considering that emailing is one of the main ways people can get additional coverage for their campaigns on, if multi-million dollar corporations can essentially use it as an ad platform the cost of using that is going to rise so high that only corporations can use it….

Whoa, that’s a little gross, even if I agree that overage fees are bullshit. I imagine someone connected to T-Mobile paid to have this petition promoted via email… but it could have been just via “donation.” When you sign a petition, there’s a popup after that asks you for a donation to “show the petition to potential sponsors.” I believe it’s one of the site’s main sources of revenue, which they have to have to keep running legitimate petitions… but it seems like it’s being abused.
The emails are generated automatically, I believe… so the people running the site might not even realize anything funny was happening. Have you contacted the site’s support staff about it? 

It was even started by John Legere… the CEO of T-Mobile. Wow. I haven’t gotten an email about this one, and I use Change all the time, so I’m just a little floored by the brazenness of it.

I guess I focused on email a bit since it’s how i got it, but I have an issue with them being there in general. I’ll send change a message if I can find a place to send it to.

i really doubt anyone else would have paid for this like… I’m sure people would be excited about less charges but who gets excited by paying the company?? 

also worth noting that it’s not like you can just go over and nothing happens — your phone gets slower and slower unless you pay for extra data. so at least it’s not a surprise charge. but for a lot of people it’ll just, you know, not be a surprise. but still a charge