my house is sounding weird like maybe someone is snoring?? there’s constant creaky noises that i would assume are like sex except they’ve been going on for AGES AND AGES HENCE

it’s the autumn haunting :D???? BECAUSE, ghosts love fall too!!

I NEED to stop watching this “say yes to the dress” I somehow ended up on the third season and it’s freaking me out WHAT IF I NEVER GET MARRIED AND GET THIS DRESS EXPERIENCE I NEVER KNEW I WANTED?

there’s literally no guarantee no matter what people say about finding someone… GGHHHAH 

it’s that feeling u get when you’re half on a roller coaster your mac can make, half in your room

If you look up "first-world problems" in the dictionary, you'll get a link to movethefuckoverbro


along with feministdisney 

found this in my tags…. 

people who pretend they’re not in luv with u when they are tbh!! No one refers to me as often as this chap


feministdisney I’m ready for your matchmaking services.

uuugh idk why tumblr doesn’t alert me on tags anymore but I CAN SERVE!!! I have no idea even when this was written

what happened to that one dude

i feel very much like i dont want to move even slightly so I’ve done nothing today… I should probably amend that…

today was a GREAT day for my alarm to not go off, woke up at 9:10am on the first day I’m doing the job I was promoted to… literally the only day anyone would care that I’m coming late/working late

sooo no shower or eating haha. But I made it in by 9:45 and didn’t miss anything, just had to work late. Still, not ideal! I guess my body had other plans for me… I’ll be going to bed very on time today -.-

The author of Hunger Games explained Katniss in a difficult way. How did y'all they were supposed to find a Native American actress with olive skin, naturally straight black hair and grey eyes. Please give me a link to one and I'll shut up forever.






There’s plenty of lists with Native American actresses you can google yourself.

Gray eyes aren’t a white only trait, nor is Jennifer Lawrence a gray eyed gal. So please do shut up forever.


I have grey eyes, and from my highly unscientific observations, grey eyes are the third most common eye colour among NDNs, after black and brown. There’s even Grey Eyes as a surename among some NDNs. 

But I digress. Throw some contact lenses on Q’orianka Kilcher, Keisha Castle-Huges or Jade Willoughby and you still have a better Katniss. 

I have a cousin, who is “full blood, I mean her father, her mother, her grandparents, all Native. and by the Gods - she has green eyes, with hint of like light brown.

I have gray eyes. And I’m an Indian from the same area Katniss is from (Southern Appalachia), mixed like Katniss, and from a coal mining family like Katniss. My brother and cousin both have gray eyes too. And my cousin has a higher BQ than me. So.

The white person cast as Katniss doesn’t have the hair color or skin tone or eye color in the character description and this anon wants to know about NDN eye color.

"we’re not going to hire you because you have the wrong colored eyes," said no casting director ever