I swear when this one new person started, I was explaining the press release guidelines to them and someone else and their eyes glazed over and they acted like they already knew everything I had to say (and they actually said as much in that they “took a class on writing press releases”)

so I was like, you know, whatever, maybe they did teach you all this stuff

they turned in something today and it followed like literally none of our guidelines @_@ 

on the one hand, again, people need proper training provided by the company on this stuff cause the poor individual was trying to wade through four different web pages of various instructions for writing one release and had completely forgotten, I guess, the page I had been describing (which is the part I actually “grade”)

ON the other hand, I gave them like three instructions for changing it, walked away, and they turned it back in five minutes later with most of the issues still exactly the same so… might also just be a listening thing

there was a baby at work today… what’s next? An all you can eat donut bar??!

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somehow arranged marriages came up today at work (odd) and of course knee jerk reaction happened

which is whatever, I mean, I understand why it feels “entrapping” as a concept or something

buuuut then someone made a comment about how it could lead to women being in relationships with abusers 

which was like ?? and it made me kind of annoyed but the chat was lagging too much to really say a lot

but so many assumptions… rolled into that. Like I guess I can appreciate the… attempt to be concerned, BUT,

if you don’t have hard statistics backing that sort of claim then you’re pretty much just using domestic abuse victims as a pawn so that you can make a statement about your preferred type of matchmaking… which I think is inappropriate on several levels

it also just flies in the face of application of this theory like… if there was any real correlation I don’t think all the local domestic abuse shelters here would be pretty much filled to capacity 100% of the time, because Rochester isn’t exactly arranged-marriage central

And I’m not like trying to make a banner for arranged marriages but it’s not like a secret that it’s not always the stereotypical cage western stereotypes make it out to be. There are obviously abusive arranged marriages, but again… could be potentially said of any marriage type

IDK it’s also just… ignorant of how domestic abuse typically plays out, in that it’s usually not predictable on the part of the victim (like: they usually do not, themselves, spot the warning signs, hence would not avoid a marriage or relationship just because it isn’t arranged), and that abusers often segregate their victims from the judgement of family (who are typically involved in an arranged marriage, no separate), which helps to mask the warning signs of abuse 

and either way abuse isn’t like a singular story, it’s not like you can just avoid arranged marriages, or avoid people who are domineering, and la de da you won’t be a victim

IDK like TL; DR abusers can be found and are found in any type of relationship setup so there was absolutely no reason to bring abusive victims into the discussion as some sort of “gotcha, arranged marriages r bad, that’s the final word on that!” type thing

someone in my FB keeps informing everyone of how they can start their “own business for $99 with her help” and how she “just needs to sell X more of Y product so she can keep her business this month”

and I just, I do not understand how people continually and consistently fall for pyramid schemes? Like we all have heard of them/know of them, and yet it doesn’t click that what you’re buying into isn’t the normal way business moves forward?? 

Like I remember kind of going along with some website thing that was basically, that concept, when I was maybe 15, but even then I made $10 out of it and lost nothing and I still eventually was like “this is silly”

IDK. I guess I already know the answer, which is that everyone is eventually gullible for something, and that the people running it are convincing by nature, and that people aren’t accustomed to tracking how the $ they make freelancing, corresponds to time spent trying to earn it, and that they prey on people who are hard up to begin with and more susceptible to the message

it still just seems so obviously fishy that I don’t… how does it not feel fishy to you?? bah

oh well… hopefully the statuses will stop eventually 

s w b t been getting some stale admissions but this is funny

s w b t been getting some stale admissions but this is funny

vacation was gr8, but omg my poor little bubby I’m so happy to see her. she didn’t eat all her food while I was gone :(

Are you gay? Are you cis or trans?

where is this coming from?? I’m cis and straight enough to count as straight